Michelle L. Hamilton


"I Would Still Be Drowned In Tears"  Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln's White House
By Historian: Michelle L. Hamilton

In 1862, in the midst of a bloody civil war, President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary suffered unspeakable heartache when their young son died. To combat her grief, First Lady Mary Lincoln became a bevotee of Spiritualism making the White House a center for Washington, D.C.'s spiritualist community. For decades historians have maintained that President Lincoln only attended a few séances in an attempt to protect his mentally unstable wife. This narrative is incorrect, using a host of previously neglected primary sources, historian Michelle L. Hamilton documents the numerous séances President Lincoln attended and the interest he had for the religion.

Michelle's "I Would Still Be Drowned In Tears" sheds new light onto the Lincoln's interest in spiritualism and proves that Mary Lincoln might not have been the only Spiritualist in the White House.


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