Historian, Author, Presenter

  Michelle L. Hamilton


Death invaded the lives of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. From the soldiers killing one another, to the horses cut down by bayonets, to the death of their son, the Lincolns could not escape the destroyer. But the spirits were there too, calling to them beckoning, and pleading. With extraordinary pride, I recommend Michelle Hamilton's exploration of the spirit world in the land and home of Lincoln's "I Would Still Be Drowned In Tears" will give you a new perspective on the Lincoln's, the Conflict between the States, and the Civil War that ended slavery.  

Edward J. Blum, PhD - San Diego State University

Michelle Hamilton has illuminated a crucial aspect of Lincoln's presidency that historians have heretofore been reluctant to acknowledge. Perhaps now we can frankly admit, without ridicule or condemnation, the role Spiritualism played in the lives of Abraham and Mary."

William Weeks, PhD - San Diego State University


Michelle Hamilton's "I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears"; Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln's White House" offers an original in-depth study of a non complex Mary Todd Lincoln. It was also asserts the importance of spiritualism as guiding in her (and her husband's lives).....

This is a MUST READ for scholars of Social History, Women's Studies, the Lincoln years, and American spiritualism.

Susan Cayleff, PhD - San Diego State University